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Our team is passionate about helping people like you harness the power of video through our easy-to-use platform and templates.

Founder, CEO
Andrew Bryce
Motion Graphics Artist
Raphael Goverd
Product Manager
Joe Wilson
Customer Success Representative
Ella Walls
Creative Director
Sarah Cavill
Aldwin Sabordino
Our Mission

Transforming teams into
video experts

Sixty Seconds is a video creation software that makes it easy to create professional videos on-demand. The company was created by passionate videographers and designers who wanted to make video production accessible for all types of businesses. Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, Sixty Seconds has the perfect plan for your needs. With our step by step video builder, anyone can produce high quality videos without having to learn complicated editing skills first. The best part? Our templates can be designed to your brands exact specification to consistently achieve 100% brand alignment without sacrificing quality.

We craft 100% on-brand videos and turn designs into reusable templates

There are many out of the box content creation platforms on the market built for marketers. At Sixty Seconds we are a hybrid offering a software with a service. Exclusive custom designs for your business, automated and simple enough that anyone can create on-brand content.

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“I regularly speak with companies that struggle with creating video content at scale. The video strategy however powerful, is often overlooked by businesses because of how expensive and time consuming it can be.

Producing on-brand content needs to be fast, simple and cost effective. Sixty Seconds was created to allow content to scale past the marketing department and allow budgets to be spent on promotion rather than the creation of the content.”
Andrew Bryce
Founder of Sixty Seconds
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