10x your leads
with our AI video
messaging suite

Let our AI write bespoke messaging with quality Motion graphics at scale.

AI Messaging.
How does it work?

Train our AI

Our AI understands your business and trains to suit your market & product. No two outbound messages will be the same and each message will appear to come directly from you.

Import target prospects

If you have a target prospect list already you can upload this directly. If not, we can help create one for you. We work seamlessly with the likes of Apollo, GetProspect or just a CSV.

AI researches

Our AI researches each prospect individually before writing the message. It learns where they work, what their company does and how together you might have a meaningful business relationship.

AI writes

Using this information, our powerful AI writes each prospect a custom email with your bespoke motion graphics video embedded within. Each message directs the prospect to a custom landing page to learn more.

Motion graphics.
How does it work?

Explain your offering

Help us understand your product and the message you're trying to send. Our easy-to-use video briefing form will help you convey the style and script of your motion graphics video.

In-house media team

Our expert in-house motion graphics team will build your 60 second explainer video to specification. We will storyboard, first draft and revise to make sure your video is perfect.

Production platform

You can also use our video builder platform to create new videos any time. Using modular templates you can customise copy and content then render on our cloud servers.

Embed, Send & Track

You're free to use your bespoke videos anywhere you like. The explainer video is embedded into the AI messaging, linked to your landing page and connected to our tracking tools. Ready to send.

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Common questions

How does your AI know what to write?

Our AI learns about your business, about your target prospect and about the message you're trying to send. We train our AI on you're company information, website and values. The AI researches each prospect one-by-one and understands who they are and where they work.

How many messages can I send?

Thousands. Per day if you wanted! Our AI is lightning fast and doesn't take a break. Our clients typically send anywhere from 50-1,500 emails per day and we are yet to encounter any reason we couldn't send more if you wanted.

Do I need to understand AI to use Sixty Seconds?

Nope! Our products can either be 'Self-Managed' (done-by-you) or 'Fully-Managed' (done-by-us). If you choose the Self-Managed option then you'll have access to our message generation platform which contains lots of helpful guides on how to use it. All of the AI is handled behind the scenes.

Can you tell it's written by AI?

Nope! We have spent a great deal of time training and optimising our models and processes to ensure each message is practically indistinguishable from human-written. This is part of the reason our messages get such a high reply rate!

Does AI make the video?

Even better: Our in-house media team make your product explainer video. They also make bespoke video templates that you can use like building-blocks on our Video Builder platform. Moreover, we can connect a data source via API to our Video Builder and automatically generate new videos as part of a workflow.

What if i'm not happy with the video?

You will be! We will work with you and make revisions until its just right. We have a simple to use feedback process where you can guide any tweaks or adjustments as needed.

How long does it take to make a video?

It does depend, but generally we aim to get the finished version back to you within just 4 weeks.

Templates (for our Video Builder Tool) are a bit quicker and generally take about 2 weeks.

Where does the video go?

If you're using our AI messaging then your explainer video is automatically embedded into each email.

But you can use any video anywhere you like! Use them on your website, on socials or for anything else you need.