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FIND AND IDENTIFY Your Target Prospect

Dedicated campaign management and optimisation services. We'll improve your delivery, open, click-through, and reply rates to generate the maximum number of leads for every campaign.

Verify Email addresses achieving the lowest bounce rates

Expand your target market by opening up new territories

refine your buyer personas as you learn more about your audience

Test different targeting strategies to see what works for your audience


With our expertise and support, you can confidently reach out to potential customers and build meaningful relationships through personalised video messaging.

Analyse the results to identify areas for improvement.

Highly engaged prospect warmed through personalised content

Confidently Deliver on your Growth objectives

Predictable Lead Generation Strategies

More Leads With Less Effort

Dedicated campaign management and optimisation services. We'll improve your delivery, open, click-through, and reply rates to generate the maximum number of leads for every campaign.

Industry leading Campaign Conversion rates

enhance your campaigns results to get more from your audience

Land in inbox to be opened and considered

automatically Qualify prospects at scale

REAL-TIME INSIGHTS Engagement Notifications

Gauge a prospects interest in your offer based on their engagement level. Follow up at the right time with notifications to take over and start conversations.


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Chief Executive Officer
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prospect pools

personal approach


Paula 11:23 AM
Stephanie 11:23 AM

Boost top of funnel awareness and filter prospects into your funnel based on enaggement levels.

Work on warm leads that have shown interest in your offering and get real time noticiations to take action.

Build engaged talent pools internally and send opportinities to candidates that are already engaged with your brand.


Standard campaigns
Cold email open rate
Click through rate
impression to lead rate
With Sixty
Cold email open rate
Click through rate
impression to lead rate


We achieved our first sales conversation through their efforts within the first week

Working with the team has been a joy from the start. They are a well-oiled machine. From start to finish, they are organised, come with solutions to all meetings and are very creative. I am pleased to say that we achieved our first sales conversation through their efforts within the first week of starting our campaign. From offering a master class to support our sales team to ensure best practices, we are keen to continue our relationship with Sixty Seconds. We have converted directly from their campaign.

Satinder Lala

Marketing Director, Capium

We have experienced tremendous results

It has been a pleasure partnering with Sixty Seconds over a number of years, and we are delighted to recommend the team to any high growth business looking to turbo-charge their brand and ‘cut through the noise’ via video content.

Charlie Green

Managing Director, tml Partners

I can’t recommend them enough: creative, friendly, knowledgeable and so easy to work with.

For a total video novice like me Sixty Seconds is a revelation. I can now create professional, slick-looking video content for social media with very little effort. Incredibly, I got a lead from my very first ever video, which was amazing and quite unexpected.

Saskia Walcott

Founder, Impact Integrators

Within days we started to see the immediate impact in our campaigns

After responding to one of Sixty Seconds' own engagement videos (which kinda proves it works) we soon signed up to this service.

If you’re looking to find new ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace and gain trackable results in a bite size package then I can’t recommend Andrew and his team at Sixty Seconds enough. Thank you for all that you’ve done so far.

Tom Howe

Founder, Jefferson Talent Group

It’s easy to use, quick and produces fantastic videos.

Following several attempts at using various video making tools very unsuccessfully, I discovered Sixty Seconds and instantly became a video expert!

Sarah Ellis-Barker

Marketing Manager, Hamilton Barnes

4318 applications delivered in 2 weeks for our PEAK campaign

This beats job boards hands down in both cost and speed of generating quality candidates.

Lauren Ashby

Innovation Manager, Manpower

Sixty Seconds allows us to create great looking, professional videos within a matter of minutes.

Using Sixty Seconds is simple and easy, everything you need is there and you don’t have to spend hours building a great video as they do all the hard work for you.

Everything is branded to us so the videos are instantly recognisable as KDR, the videos we have created have helped drive our LinkedIn engagement and web traffic.

Gemma Morris

Marketing Manager, KDR Talent Solutions

They feel like an extension of our marketing team, always wanting to get the most out of our campaigns and making sure they are successful.

We have a great relationship with Sixty Seconds, they are creative, innovative and extremely helpful.

Our campaigns are providing us with lots of qualified leads for some really tricky to fill roles. We would recommend Sixty Seconds to anyone looking for help standing out from the crowd.

Helen Doughty

Senior Marketing Manager, Meridian Business Support

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